Casey Anthony Update: Most-Hated Mother In America Spotted At A Bar Giving Parenting Advice To Others

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Tonight, the most controversial acquitted murder suspect since O.J. Simpson will sleep in a cell for the final time, knowing that in the morning she faces a new life as the most hated woman in America. If there is an emblem of the anger incited by Casey Anthony, it is the small tattoo on her left shoulder.

Casey Anthony, perhaps the most hated mother in America, was spotted protesting US President Donald Trump at the Mar-A-Lago resort in Florida on Saturday evening.

In both situations, I can give you more than recommendation (or advice). You have multiple recommendations but only advice. This is just my personal opinion, and others might disagree and reorder the ranking.

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Casey Anthony has earned the status as the most hated mother in America and even Nadya Suleman, Otco-Mom, has bad things to say about her. "The thought that Casey Anthony would even entertain the idea of harming her child makes me sick," Nadya, a mother to 14 children, including her.

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