Florida and Arizona: Baby Boomer Magnets

Boomers’ penchant to stay in their long-time homes is likely playing a role in low housing supplies, says Danielle Hale, chief economist of realtor.com. The crunch has improved since last year but housing stocks are still well below normal levels. To be sure, many aging Americans are moving to traditional retirement havens like Florida and.

Baby-Boomer Retirees Changing the U.S. Landscape. those who do move tend to converge on a small number of “retirement magnets” – places that are especially attractive to the older population – and can have a significant demographic and social impact on an area. Florida, where older people make up an estimated 18 percent of the.

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Florida Suburbs You can forget the story line that baby boomers will be flocking to the cities for retirement. The media has overplayed it mainly because media lives in the city and can’t see the forest through the trees. Joel Kotkin writes about the decline in city population and growing smaller town population.

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Arizona ranks third in retiree relocation behind California and No. 1 Florida, gaining 125,000 retirees from 1985 to 1990. North Carolina and South Carolina, Mississippi and Alabama also are actively.

This article in the Washington Post says that Baby Boomers are changing the face of suburbia and staying put, rather than retiring to the likes of Florida and Arizona, as their parents did, once they retire. The U.S. Census showed how rapidly America’s suburbs are growing – despite efforts to squeeze us into greener, urban multi-family residential cells and one family car – the Baby.

There is a population on the rise: the baby boomer generation.With this emergence, there is immense opportunity in many areas of the economy. The rise of baby boomers demand destinations for retirement. Many baby boomers are more than willing to pay top dollar to retire in an area that provides all the amenities and aspects that fulfill their desires.

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Venables said aging baby boomers have been a main topic of conversation for more than a decade, resulting in intensive study of local population projections.. Florida 45-64-year-old population.

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