Hypocrisy: The Left Attacks Founders, but Whitewashes Its Own Cherished Figures

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Bush rather unfortunately used the term "Crusade" just once. Meanwhile, the term "jihad" has been uttered in many Arab-Islamic circles about a thousand times since 9/11. Also, it would be rather ludicrous to compare the history of American "colonialism" with that of Europe. If Europe is a bit circumspect about its own history then so be it.

He had the courses reconfigured, his name plastered across its walls, and 400 trees. Trump’s personal hypocrisy on this subject is expansive. Beyond his own attempts to change Civil War history for.

The January 7, 2015 massacre at the premises of the french satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo aroused ambivalent feelings in many Muslims. While condemning the attack and completely distancing themselves from it, they found it difficult to express solidarity with the staffers of the weekly that had published cartoons mocking the Prophet Muhammad, and even identified with the anger at the weekly’s.

What happens now? Will Hedges’ publishers (book, magazine, and digital) do the right thing and investigate his work fully. The fact that The American Prospect and Salon refused to publish Ketcham’s investigative piece is not a good sign that the organized left is eager to face the idea of holding one of their cherished own accountable.

Liberal backers of feminists seem to be trading their long-cherished principle that. their sexual lives based on their own individual risk-reward assessment without being stigmatized as prudes or.

Rewriting history is a crucial weapon in the long-term culture war for the left, disappointed so often at the ballot box. But the implications of this go far beyond the past. At the very edge of technological and scientific progress is a meritocracy – you can’t make someone a genius by appointing them.

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The arguments he employs are also the exact same arguments used by so-called left-wing supporters of the mujahideen in its war against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan in the 1980s. Like the armed Syrian opposition, the Afghan mujahideen were dominated by hard-line, far-right Islamist extremists (true, not entirely, but mostly).

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The Libyan opposition was able, he claims, to "coopt foreign intervention to its own ends. imperialism’s economic attacks. IN THIS regard, Pham’s citing of the example of the Spanish Civil War of.