The Marvelous Life of Maida Heatter

Cookbook author and “Queen of Cake” Maida Heatter died yesterday at her home in Miami Beach. On Instagram today, Greenspan wrote, “While I’d never met her, she was a force in my life – I credit her.

Maida Heatter, who was known throughout the food world as the "Queen of Cake," passed away this week at the age of 102. A prolific writer and self-taught chef, Heatter spent the majority of her.

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Gabriel Heatter (September 17, 1890 – March 30, 1972), Merrill G.Heatter’s uncle, was an American radio commentator whose World War II-era sign-on, "There’s good news tonight", became both his catchphrase and his caricature.

Maida Heatter always had brownies in her bag. Or biscotti. Cookies. You know, the portables. She handed them out to her mailman, people she ran into on the street, new friends, old friends, Wolfgang Puck. She flung brownies filled with York Peppermint Patties off the stage at the James Beard Awards.

Maida Heatter, a.k.a. "the Queen of Desserts", is the author of nine classic dessert cookbooks, including the New York Times best-seller and James Beard Award-winning Maida Heatter’s Book of Great Desserts.She is a member of the James Beard Foundation Hall of Fame, has been named to Cook’s Magazine’s Who’s Who in Cooking, and was one of the first people inducted into the Chocolatier Hall of Fame.

Maida Haetter's recipes do not disappoint; she is a master of chocolate and desserts.. Salted Caramel Mocha Bundt Cake from Inside BruCrew Life; Mocha Cupcakes from. coffee flavor combination, these Palm Beach Mocha Brownies are amazing!. fudgy mocha brownies adapted from Maida Heatter.

Maida Heatter Described as the "First Lady of Desserts," Maida Heatter is indeed a legend in her own time. Maida’s phenomenal success as a baker is due to the refreshing simplicity and unfailing genius of her recipes.

The recipe comes from Maida Heatter's ''New Book of Great Desserts'', (Knopf, $17.50) Peach and blueberry casserole 1 pint fresh blueberries.

We lost a giant when cookbook author Maida Heatter died this month at the age of 102. Despite never having enjoyed the universal influence that can come from a television show, Heatter still.